Work Completed Today 18/01/2016 Around Reading

Another busy day today driving around reading and surrounding areas starting in Reading by Gillette Way to repair the push bar mechanism to a rear fire door. Then came back to Woodley and gained entry to a car where the owner had accidentally locked his keys inside the car. He did have a spare car key inside his house but his house keys were also in the car. From there I went to Wokingham to be shown a garage door that could not be opened. Had to drill the old lock off the door and discovered the square hole in the plate where the lock tail fits through had rounded off. Managed to pop rivet a plate onto it to get the square hole and adapt a new handle to fit the old door. Saved the cost of a new garage door and the customer was really happy with it. Then popped over to Bracknell where someone had closed their door leaving the keys inside, didn’t take long to get it open.

Fire Exit

Car Lock

Garage Lock

Garage Lock

Door Lock

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