Been A Busy Couple Of Days In Reading

Sorry I’ve not posted for a couple of days but not had time to think I’m afraid. Been all over Reading changing locks for a company who have just purchased 19 properties. All these properties will be renovated and then put on the rental market. Nice if you have that sort of cash lying around to spend on that amount of property. In between that I have also been carrying on with all other work that’s been coming in. The other jobs have consisted of travelling to Maidenhead, Windsor, Guildford, Basingstoke, Henley-on-Thames and finally Woodley. A new Digilock was required in Maidenhead for a local School, Windsor was a lock change to a company’s main door where someone had lost their key. Guilford required a UPVC to be realigned as it wouldn’t lock when the door was closed. Basingstoke was a gain entry where someone had unfortunately closed their door behind them and then realised they never had their keys on them. Henley-on-Thames needed a lock changing to a garage door and finally Woodley required a lock change as well as they had just purchased the property. Long may this busy period last.

Door Frame Lock

Door Lock


Standard Door Lock

Lock for Door

Quality Door Locks

Jobs Completed 8/1/16

Received a call from a London based company who look after a apartment building in Maidenhead High Street. tenants were having problems getting out of the communal door due to the inside handle was snapped so the door required a new handle set. I arrived within the hour and rectified the problem for them. The exact handles were not available so needed to reposition the fixing positions for the new handles by drilling holes through the door.

Broken UPVC Lock Broken UPVC Lock UPVC Lock New UPVC Lock





Received a call from an elderly lady not far away from where I live who needed a new bolt fitted to her side gate. She had already purchased the bolt so I popped in on my way home and charged her a cup of tea.

Gate Lock

Went to a company in Reading who unfortunately had some bad news for an employee the following day and needed to have their lock changed after all employees left the building the previous day. Not nice but it has to be done.

Classic Lock

Jobs Completed Today 6/1/16

It has been a busy day for people booking their lock jobs with me in advance. Very unusual as I’m normally needed straight away in an emergency.

Started the day today with a trip to Southcote, Reading. Customer had snapped his key in his letter box in an apartment building so the lock needed to be changed. Opened it up and did just that leaving him very happy. I was unable to get permission from him to take a photo but found the one similar below online.

Parcel Lock Box

Then met a lovely lady in Whitley, Reading who wanted to stop certain people with a key letting themselves in so I changed her lock for her to the UPVC front door.


I have received a call from a gentleman in Farnham who had me recommended to him so didn’t mind me charging a little extra for the journey. He owns a service garage and needed all the locks changing yo his electric shutters and one of the main doors.

Key Switches

Finally travelled to Ash near Aldershot to change all external door locks for a couple who had just purchased the property

Jobs Completed Today 5/1/16

Went to a house in Lower Shiplake today which was a house to die for, certainly the house of my dreams. Contacted me saying their garage side door was jammed shut so went there and sorted the problem out for them. I know your probably thinking this can’t be a side garage door but it is and leads up to a games room above the triple garage

Black Front Door

After that I was called to a company in Woodley who needed their Digilock problem sorting out on one of their external doors. Unfortunately it couldn’t be repaired so i had to replace it.

Key Code Door Lock

Also got called to Hurst this evening to get a retired couple back into their house, Unfortunately their key had snapped in the lock. They called another well known company who said they would be there in an hour, well the lies just kept coming from 13.30 until they were eventually told at 20.00 that they were unable to attend. I think keeping people waiting for 6.5 hours outside their house when they had no intention of coming is pretty disgraceful. I always feel the truth is the best policy so when both parties meet up there’s not a bad atmosphere.

Inside Door Lock

Well I arrived 15 mins after the call,opened their door with no damage and extracted the broken key, even got a £5 tip. Best part of all is their going to mention me to all their friends and family, best advertising there is going.

Jobs Completed Today 4/1/16

Had quite a busy day today completing a few jobs in Woodley, Earley, Fleet, Marlow, Ascot, Twyford and Bracknell. Woodley was just a gentleman had stepped outside his house, closed his door and realised he never had any keys with him. Needed to replace the lock to the property in Earley as the old lock had completely jammed up solid. Went to a commercial property in Fleet which needed the Digilock changing on the rear door. Then received a call from a lettings agent in Marlow who said their usual engineer had let them down and could I assist them. Met them at the property on time and repaired the lock and they seemed suitably impressed, asked for my business card and said they would be in contact with future jobs. Went to a lovely lady in Ascot and fitted new locks to all her windows and patio doors. Then went to Twyford and realigned someone’s front door as they were unable to lock it and finally received a 10pm call from a lady in Bracknell who said their neighbour had gone on holiday today and in his excitement he forgot to lock his door so I went there and changed the lock so she could lock up her neighbours house.


Lock Solution

Secure Lock

Window Lock

Door Lock

Door Lock

Jobs Completed Today 2/1/16

Managed to give myself the day off yesterday seeing as it was new years day, everyone deserves a day off now and again.

Received 2 call outs today in Maidenhead and Wokingham. Job in Maidenhead consisted of a lock and handle change to a UPVC door for a lovely couple living in Cordwallis Road. Their daughter had snapped the handle whilst trying to open the door and whilst I was there changing the handles they decided to start the new year with a new lock as so many people held a key to the old lock, some of which they don’t see anymore.

In Wokingham the lady from Langborough Road had accidentally snapped her key in the lock. Luckily she managed to get inside as it was raining very hard at the time. I turned up and extracted the key for her, made sure the lock was working fine and left her feeling very happy.

UPVC Door Locks Mortice Lock Colchester

Jobs Completed Today 31/12/15

Had 2 jobs come in this morning, one in Lower Shiplake again and the other in Reading, The Lower Shiplake job consisted of gaining entry into an outhouse and changing the lock and also changing the lock to the external letter box. Customer very happy as I turned up on time and charged exactly what I quoted the day before. Job in Reading was just a lock out on a UPVC door which was completed quickly with no damage to the customers door.

I would also like to thank all my customers of 2015 for your business and I look forward to doing more business with you in 2016

Happy New Year


Garden Shed

Claim To Fame

Received a call from a company based in London who received my details via recommendation. They went into detail stating they had already had another company in to do the work but they never gave them what they wanted. They asked if I could help as they were restricted to a deadline so I agreed to and went along to take a look. When I arrived I found it was a 6 storey building with a basement and roof that needed locks changing as well with over 380 locks in total. I had 2 weeks to complete the work by so got stuck into it straight away. I phoned around various suppliers who weren’t able to help me in such a short time scale until I spoke to M Marcus who are based in Dudley. I started to give them sizes and quantities and they started delivering them to me the following day. All in all I managed to complete the work in the time scale with the locks all mastered up exactly to their requirements. The building turned out to be owned by the BBC where programmes like Top Gear was filmed. Loved it.

One To Watch Out For

I was looking through the Daily Mirror online and came across a couple of interesting facts I thought would be a good idea to share with you. I wouldn’t want anyone to fall foul of these two company’s whether you are the actual customer or a potential franchisee.

Bosses From Key Edge Franchise Banned

Four bosses of the disastrous Key Edge plumbing and locksmith franchise business have been banned from being directors for a total of 22 years.

We wrote about this lot and it’s good to see justice finally catch up with the people behind this sham.

Chris Mayhew of Company Investigations for The Insolvency Service said: “The disqualification periods secured in this case should offer the public reassurance. The Service will not tolerate dishonest or reckless directors.

“We have strong enforcement powers and where we find serious failings, such as the misrepresentations made to induce investment in the Key Edge franchise, we will use those powers to remove the directors from the business environment, as these directors discovered”.

Among the faults found at the company were:

*Deliberate non-disclosure and misrepresentations made to prospective franchisees with exaggerated claims of non-existent national accounts;

*The businesses were unsustainable and relied on fresh franchise fees for operating capital;

*The company did not deal with 50% of complaints from locksmith franchisees and 35% of complaints from plumbing franchisees;

*The directors did not keep adequate company records;

*Key Edge Limited’s credit card account was used for cash withdrawals and personal expenditure, in particular, £38,145.

Bennellick and Christopher Davison, both from Exeter, have been banned from being directors for six years each, Jeremy Darvill of Tiverton and James Savage of Cullomton, Devon, for five years each.

Key Edge Franchise Shut Down

VICTIMS of Key Edge were fleeced of £2.7million by this bent franchise operation.

Around 250 people across the UK invested in the plumbing and locksmith franchises touted by the group of companies.

Now the operation has been shut down after the Companies Investigation Branch of the Insolvency Service found Key Edge made “false and misleading statements about the level of training, support and potential earnings”.

It also found the government’s Small Firms Loan Guarantee Scheme of £150,000 to finance a national 24-hour call centre was misused.

Key Edge Ltd, Key Edge Plumbing Ltd and Key Edge Group Ltd were put into compulsory liquidation by the High Court. They were run by Devon pair Julian Bennellick, 41, and Christopher Davison, who’s 43 today. We’re sending him a pint of blood. Isn’t that what every leech wants?

Dodgy Locksmith Jailed For Four Years

A dodgy emergency locksmith, exposed on BBC TV show Rogue Traders, was jailed for four years yesterday for cheating customers out of hundreds of pounds.

Mark Makowski, 40, from Broxbourne, Herts, charged up to four times more than the prices quoted. He would also stretch out jobs and drill through locks unnecessarily.

The judge at the Old Bailey called him “a fully dishonest man”.

Local Locksmith Reading

Local Locksmith Reading


Wayne from Lock Solutions is constantly being asked are you a local locksmith Reading company so thought it would be a good topic for a post. Wayne has always lived in Reading having being born in Emmer Green and moving to Woodley from the age of 4 and having lived in Woodley ever since. He attended William Gray Infant School, then William Gray Junior School and then the Bulmershe Secondary School.


Left school and passed a 4-year mechanical engineering apprenticeship in a small company based at Knowl Hill. Then worked at various different companies after being made redundant a few times but ended up working for Adwest Engineering in Woodley which is now known as Magal Engineering. Left there after a number of years with itchy fingers wanting to start a new career owning his own business. Started his training as a Locksmith and has never looked back. First of all worked for a national company purely to gain the experience needed before venturing out on his own. Then followed on as a Franchisee for another national company which was going well until they lost some big accounts and the quantity of work dropped dramatically.

Self Employment

Now been on his own for a number of years and absolutely loves it. Should you need to contact him he will give you an honest answer even if it means telling you what you don’t want to hear as nobody likes confrontation so all he gets is happy customers. If he gets held up he will call you to let you know what’s happening all the time. Please feel free to take a look at the testimonials page to see just a small percentage of his happy customers after all there are now over 11,000 of them.