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Outdoor Security Tips

We’re always looking for new ways to increase security. From businesses to homes, your security is our priority. To help ensure that you feel safe in your property, Lock Solutions have some outdoor security tips. We hope that this advice shows you a few ways on how to protect both your valuables, property, and family. By completing these simple tips, you are putting yourself at less risk of getting burgled. This of course, is our main goal; to keep you safe and secure.

Your outdoor security is just as important as your indoor security. So, start protecting your valuables and family today by having a read through our outdoor security tips. Here, you will learn some of the methods to put in place to improve your security. This will therefore become a deterrent to any unwanted guests. If they see that you have CCTV and security in place, they’re more likely to go elsewhere.

Tips for Outdoor Security

Lock Solutions would like to share some tips for outdoor security with the homeowners in Reading. It has become apparent that a high level of security is an important asset for homeowners. To help introduce, utilise, and structure your security in the most beneficial manner, we have some tips. Our experience has enabled us to learn a lot about security, and where home security can go wrong. To avoid this from happening once more, our tips are designed to suit the needs of our homeowners, as well as become a force in place to avoid any nasty surprises. We would suggest that you considered the following to improve your outdoor security…

  • CCTV
  • Consider a gate or high fence
  • Lock all valuables away
  • Window covers/blinds
  • Increase your outdoor lighting

Our advice is there to take into consideration, and become a starting point for yourself. For example, we would suggest having a gate installed to increase the level of access at your home. Then locking away any valuables at night, e.g. car, children’s toys, bikes, scooters etc. This could be done by using a shed or garage to secure them correctly. For more tips and advice on your outdoor security, feel free to give Lock Solutions a call. Our team are on hand to deal with all your security needs and are here to help protect your home.

Contact Lock Solutions

If you need advice on how to increase the outdoor security at your property, Lock Solutions are here to help. With years of experience behind us, our team are here to take care of all your security needs. From key cutting to CCTV installations, Lock Solutions are at your call. Take the first step to upping your outdoor security and contact Lock Solutions for all your security needs in Reading. We can then establish the beneficial methods of security available to increase your current security.

For more information on our services or to speak to a member of our team, please contact Lock Solutions. We are here to help you, ensuring that you’re comfortable, happy, and safe in your property. Simply get in touch today, and we will arrange a convenient time to begin your security improvements.

Why Should I Have Home Security?

Reasons to Invest in Home Security

If you’re questioning ‘why should I have home security?’, the answer is simple. It’s for the safety of your family, your assets and yourself. Not only that, a lot of people choose to invest in home security for peace of mind as well as a deterrent. If a potential burglar can see you have security systems in place, it can put them off wanting to burgle your home as the likelihood is that they will be caught out. But what are the main reasons to invest in home security? Let’s find out…

We have worked as reliable and reputable locksmiths in Reading for many years now, so we know only too well the tricks of the trade. The best way to secure your home is to have the right precautions in place to prevent any unwanted visitors. Over our time, we have learnt that some of the main reasons to invest in home security are:

  • To protect your property from burglaries
  • Secure any assets in and around your property
  • Peace of mind for you and your family
  • Evidence/warning should the worst happen
  • To monitor who comes in or near your home

Reasons to Invest in Home Security

How to Improve Home Security

Whether you should to have home security to capture the life outside of your home, to keep an eye on your car or outside goods, or to warn off trespassers, Lock Solutions have the solution. It’s in our name and it’s our game. Security is what we do best. If you’re thinking about upping your level of security at your home, you should consider:

  1. CCTV systems
  2. House alarms
  3. Access control systems
  4. New locks
  5. UPVC doors & windows

For all of your security needs in Reading, look no further than Lock Solutions. Our team are reliable, reputable and more importantly, here to help with all of your security needs. We have been providing our locksmith services in Reading and the surrounding areas for many years now, so regardless of your needs, we’re here to help. Your security is our main priority, so we will give you the solution to your locks and security. The clue is in our name!

Reasons to Invest in Home Security

Contact Lock Solutions

If the idea of having better home security suits you, contact Lock Solutions to find out how we can help. We have years of experience in this industry and are here to help improve your security for the better. Not only that, day or night, our out of hours locksmiths are on call to help with all of your security needs. For more help and advice on improving your home security, turn to Lock Solutions. We will do our best to improve the quality of your home security, giving you great peace of mind. Start the process of improving your security by contacting the professionals at Lock Solutions to discover more. We will discuss your options for home security and how our systems will benefit you.

Contact Lock Solutions today on 01183 360177 or 07711 906667 to find out how we can help with your home security needs in Reading.

Are Spare Keys Really Necessary?

In short yes! Spare keys are important for everyone to have, whether you leave them with a friend, family member, neighbour or in a secure location, you should have a set of spare keys.

Having a spare set of keys means if you leave yours at work or lose them completely you can easily regain access to your property without having to break the lock or damage the door itself.

Spare Keys

Reasons To Have Spare Keys

Without a set of spare keys for your property you could end up finding yourself caught off-guard especially if you lose your keys. Having a set of keys means you won’t need your lock replacing to regain access to your property.

Spare sets of keys can be left with anyone such as family members, friends, neighbours or even in a secure place such as at work. You can leave your spare keys at various locations meaning you have access to a number of places where you can get your keys from.

Some of the reasons why you should have a spare set of keys are:

  • Peace of Mind – If you lose your keys you’ll be able to pick up your spare set from a person or location you trust
  • New Keys – You’ll always have access to another set of keys when you need them
  • Save Money – Having a spare set of keys means you can save money on door or lock changes
  • Lock Changes – There’s no need to have your lock changed if you have a spare set of keys (If the keys you lose contain address information then it’s best to have the locks changed)
  • Broken Keys – If your keys break then you’ve always got a backup on hand
  • Quick Key Replacement – Having spare set of keys means you can quickly get your keys replaced
  • Reduced Damage – Keys aren’t impervious to damage, when a key becomes worn it can damage a lock. Regularly changing your keys will help to reduce the amount of damage caused to your lock

Getting Your Keys Cut

Key cutting is a service that many locksmiths offer and having a good quality copy of your original keys means your home will still be accessible if your original keys are lost or damaged. Keys can be cut numerous times and some people leave them with a range of people to ensure that they also have access to a spare set should they be needed.

If you’re in need of key cutting or if you’ve found yourself without a spare set of keys, then be sure to get in touch with Lock Solutions.

Choosing The Best Lock For Your Door

Protecting your home and belongings is a concern that many tenants and homeowners worry about. One of the most important things in home security is the locks you choose for your doors. However, there are many different types of locks to choose from.

It can be difficult to know which is the best type of lock to choose, locksmiths can provide expert advice on the best type of doors locks to help secure your home. The door and the lock go hand in hand, whilst having a strong lock is important the door itself also need to be sturdy.

Door Lock

The 5 Best Types of Door Locks

There are many different type of door locks to choose from, some of the best and common locks available are:


Deadbolt locks are heavy-duty locks that are separate from the door knob or handle. The deadbolt will usually be positioned so that the bolt pops out of the door and into the wall when it’s latched. This means that when the deadbolt is locked, the door can’t be opened. Deadbolts are tough, but they need to be fitted correctly to ensure they are effective. The strike plate for the deadbolt should also be installed properly to ensure the bolt goes all the way into the hole.

Keyed Locks

If your door can’t use a deadbolt then a keyed lock could be the best option for you. Keyed locks are commonly found on gliding glass doors and patio doors. Original locks that come with sliding doors tend to wear out and not provide the right type of protection for your home. Keyed locks offer the best protection for sliding doors, especially when they are installed at both the top and bottom of the door.

Electronic Locks

One of the newest locks on the market is the electronic lock, which doesn’t require the use of a traditional key. Instead many electronic locks use a code via an entry pad, smartphone or a key fob. This option is seen as a high-tech option and gives your home enhanced security. Electronic locks are becoming more popular, especially on new homes, as they are simply more convenient and you don’t need to worry about losing your keys. Locks that are connected to your phone can provide you with information regarding who and when people are entering your home.

Door Handle Locks

Door handle locks are one of the common locks used by people throughout the country. When used in conjunction with options such as deadbolts they can provide a secure locking system. One of the most effective places to use door handle locks is inside the home; this could be on an internal door after your entrance way or on a doorway to the garage.

Combination Locks

Combination can either be electronic or mechanical. Mechanical combination locks work through either a push in button or twist dial system. Digital combination locks will typically require a password or pin, similar to how a phone works.

If you’re in need of new locks, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lock Solutions. We can provide expert advice on the best type of lock to choose for your property.

Business Security Must-Haves

What Types of Business Security Should I Have?

Losing your own valuables can be difficult to deal with and get over, but when your business is burgled it’s a whole different ballgame. When a business is burgled it can seriously affect the way in which your business operates such as not having the correct tools or loss of computer equipment and files.

Keeping your business secure is important and something that all business owners should do. There are a number of security methods and systems that you can use to create a safer environmental to work from. The ability to control who accesses your property or monitor activity in or around your property is beneficial to most business owners.

Whilst having security systems installed can help to protect your property, they can also be a big deterrent for any potential burglars. We regularly recommend a number of security options to our commercial customers to ensure their property is protected in the best possible way.

Business Security

Best Types of Business Security


Locks are one of the most simple and common ways to protect your business. Whilst some people will just choose any lock, when it comes to commercial properties it’s important to ensure that it has the right type of lock. There are many different types and brands to choose from, working with a professional commercial locksmith will ensure that your property is fitted with the best type of lock available.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems can be used in conjunction with traditional locks or completely on their own. There are various types of access control systems to choose from code locks, to key fobs and even identify cards. Access controls allow you to not only limit who has access to your property but can also be used to monitor their access. Many systems that use identity cards or key fobs will leave a trace of the day and time they entered or exited a property.



CCTV has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and investing in a quality system allows you to have a crystal-clear view of the people of the people in or around your property. Being able to manage and monitor the activity in or around your property, lets you see what employees or visitors are getting up to. Simply having a camera on your property can act as a deterrent to any potential burglars.


Security alarms can deter and protect your commercial property against theft and potential intruders. When used in conjunction with glass break detectors, motion sensors or door and window sensors that can trigger the alarm, then it can stop the theft from occurring even if a window or broke is broken in the process. It’s easier to replace a door or window that it is to replace all of your stock, tools or equipment.

If you own a business and you’re looking for a professional locksmith to provide you with security for your property, then be sure to get in touch with Lock Solutions.

Why Should You Change The Locks In A New Property

Is Your New Home Secure?

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re simply upgrading to a larger property, then you need to consider whether it’s secure. Although your new home might look great and seem secure, do you really know if you have all the keys.

Properties have keys for everything from windows to doors and much more. However, windows and doors need to be secure. You never know who might of previously had access to your property, so it’s important to make sure that the locks are changed especially the door locks.

Many people ask why they should change the locks of their new property, but even though people might have trusted other with their keys. You don’t know who has those keys and if they can be trusted. It’s simply a case of, better to be safe than sorry. Using a professional locksmith will ensure that your locks are changed quickly and with quality locks.

For many years Lock Solutions have been changing locks for people who have moved into new properties. It isn’t only home owners though; many landlords choose to have the locks changed after tenants have moved out and before new ones move in. This is so previous tenants no longer have access to the property.

Lock Changes

Reasons To Change Your Locks

Some of the reasons to change your lock when moving into a new property are:

  • Old owners or tenants will no longer have access
  • Peace of mind knowing strangers won’t have keys
  • Better quality locks
  • Improved security
  • Can choose of the style of the lock

What To Consider Before Calling A Locksmith

Even though it might seem like you’ve moved in and the first thing you should do is call a locksmith. However, diving straight in for the call can extend the length of the whole process. There are a number of factors to consider before calling the professional in.

To quicken up the whole process it’s important to take into consider the following:

  • The Amount Of Locks – You’ll need to take into consideration how many locks are needed for your property. Such as how many access doors are there? Is there an additional side door? A garage door? Is there any other type of access that will need the locks changing? Whilst counting the amount of locks that will need changing, means we’ll be more prepared when we visit your property.
  • Brands – What brands are the current locks? Although many people think locks are universal not all are, so knowing the brand means we can replace it much more quickly as we’ll fit the same style lock.
  • Key Holes – Is the lock built into the knob? Or is there a deal bolt? These are things that could all cause potential problems and lengthen the process of lock changing. We’ll also need to know the amount of keyhole on all type of locks or security.
  • Personal Preference – You might just want the locks changing but it’s down to personal preference as to whether you want the same style locks fitting again. Also you might be interested in having additional security features fitted. Just call Lock Solutions and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

If you’ve just moved into a new property and you’re in need of your locks changing then simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Family Faces Eviction From Home

Family Faces Eviction From Home Of 40 Years

Family Faces Eviction

A family faces eviction and will appear in court as a council begins proceedings that could see them evicted from their home of 40 years due to debts caused by the Bedroom Tax, writes Louie Smith.

Bill Whitby, 62, and wife Teresa, 59, live with their son and have struggled to pay the rent on their three-bed house since losing their jobs. They blame the subsidy brought in by the Tories for around half of their £900 arrears.

Teresa, of Basildon, Essex, said: “The stress has been unbelievable and I’m living in fear of being homeless.”

The couple get a total of £112 a week in Jobseeker’s Allowance but say it will not cover the rent after their housing benefit was cut by £15 a week.

Councillor Phil Turner, who heads up housing at Tory-run Basildon Council and is also deputy leader, said he will review the case, adding: “We can’t break the law but Mrs Whitby was not paying her rent.”

More than 15,000 people in Basildon have been affected by the Bedroom Tax but campaigners say they have little hope of downsizing due to a lack of council homes.

Your rights if the bailiffs call

Bailiffs must give at least seven days’ notice of their first visit. You do not have to let them in and they are usually not allowed to force entry.

If you do not let them in or agree to pay them, they can take things from outside your home such as your car.

They are not allowed to enter if only children or vulnerable people are present or between 9pm and 6am.

If you let them in but cannot pay, they can take belongings. This cannot include essentials such as clothes, cookers, fridges or furniture. Nor can they take someone else’s property.

Before you pay a bailiff, you should ask to see proof of identity and a detailed breakdown of their charges. Get a receipt for proof of payment.

Bailiff fees are fixed. In most cases, if you owe less than £1,500, the fees are: £75 when your case is sent to the bailiff, £235 if you ignore a letter from them and they have to visit you and £110 if they have to take your goods and sell them at auction.

You have to pay the bailiff for any action they take – such as storing your goods or using a locksmith.

If you owe more than £1,500, you will also have to pay a percentage of your debt each time bailiffs visit.


Home Security Check – Call Lock Solutions

A home security check on your property can be completed by Lock Solutions whether it’s domestic or commercial.

Home Security Check

Old Keys

As a locksmith covering the majority of the Thames Valley we see all sorts of properties with inadequate home security measures in place. Here are Lock Solutions top 10 tips for ensuring your home is as secure as it can be.

  1. The number of opportunists is increasing. If your going out ensure you leave lights on in various rooms around the home. Light timers are good for this purpose.
  2. Are your locks fitted correctly? The amount of times we have been to properties where locks are installed incorrectly causing vulnerability is hugely concerning.
  3. Have a look around your home generally. Are all your windows secure, is the glass in tact. When you look through your windows do you see anything of value that could be an opportunity for unwanted guests?
  4. Sensor lighting – do you have outside lights installed and more importantly are they working? Whilst not a guaranteed security measure they will deter thieves if the doors to your property are well lit.
  5. Do you feel safe because you have a burglar alarm installed? When did you last change the code? Alarms are extremely effective but you need to change the code on a regular basis to gain maximum benefit
  6. French doors are not automatic protection from unwanted visitors just because they are PVC. Consider installing top and bottom bolts on French doors or add sash jammers to uPVC doors
  7. Do you have a shed or garage that contain items that are valuable to you? Your outbuildings are just as vulnerable if not more than your home, ensure you have adequate locks.
  8. Statistics indicate that burglaries are increasing on properties in order to steal car keys – don’t make it easy for them by leaving your keys in view of windows and doors.
  9. Have you moved home recently?, are you moving home? Have you considered changing the locks to your new home to ensure that it is completely secure and there are no rogue sets of keys with old occupiers?
  10. Call Lock Solutions to come and complete a Security Home Check on your property. Prices from £20. For a free no obligation quotation contact us on our website

07711 906667 / 0118 336 0177

Work Completed 22-1-16 in Reading, Wokingham, Woodley, Bracknell & Maidenhead

Few more Jobs completed today, it’s a shame they weren’t all in the same area but beggars can’t be choosers. Started off in reading where a customer had some renovation work done and then found out the lock that was put on the rear garage door that leads into the house was not of the correct specification. As you can see from the photo it has a 2 lever lock fitted but should of had a 5 lever British Standard lock. The customer couldn’t get the builder to return to do the upgrade so they eventually called me. It now has a 5 lever British Standard lock fitted.

Then went to Wokingham where an aluminium frames door couldn’t be opened so I used my skill to open it with no damage and changed the locking mechanism as the old one had broken up. Also never damaged the cylinder as there were over 10 keys to that door in circulation.

Had a customer contact me saying their garage door wouldn’t open which turned out to be a broken plastic drive on the inside where all the cables meet up in the centre. Took off the old one and shot over to my friends at Amourelle in Woodley who specialise in garage door parts. Got the new part and fitted it straight away, all done in one hour.

From there I headed to Bracknell where a customer had lost their keys to a UPVC door. To their amazement his was all sorted before their kettle had boiled.

Finally I went to Maidenhead where a construction company needed a new lock fitted to a metal container. Love jobs like this as it means you have to put your thinking cap on, anyway left them feeling happy and secure.


Kitchen Door Frame Lock

UPVC Door Lock


Door Lock

Door Lock

Work Completed Today 18/01/2016 Around Reading

Another busy day today driving around reading and surrounding areas starting in Reading by Gillette Way to repair the push bar mechanism to a rear fire door. Then came back to Woodley and gained entry to a car where the owner had accidentally locked his keys inside the car. He did have a spare car key inside his house but his house keys were also in the car. From there I went to Wokingham to be shown a garage door that could not be opened. Had to drill the old lock off the door and discovered the square hole in the plate where the lock tail fits through had rounded off. Managed to pop rivet a plate onto it to get the square hole and adapt a new handle to fit the old door. Saved the cost of a new garage door and the customer was really happy with it. Then popped over to Bracknell where someone had closed their door leaving the keys inside, didn’t take long to get it open.

Fire Exit

Car Lock

Garage Lock

Garage Lock

Door Lock